Peony Spreader Knife Gold Snow

SKU 4610315
Weight 2.64 LBS
Height 0.50
Width 0.75
Depth 6.00

Peony Spreader Knife. Spread the love! You and your guests will absolutely adore the spreaders in Julia Knight's Peony Collection. Just like the Peony, Julia Knight's serveware pieces are beautiful, but never high maintenance! Knight's romantic Peony Collection is known for its signature scalloped edges that embody the fullness, lushness and rounded bloom of nature's "Queen of Flowers." The Peony has been cherished for centuries and is known worldwide for symbolizing prosperity, honor, good fortune & a happy marriage! The remarkable colors and shimmering enamels featured in this bloom inspired collection will invigorate any tabletop. Perfect for a schmear on your morning bagel with coffee or to use for brie and baguette at your upcoming cocktail party. Free shipping on orders of $50 or more.