Classic 13" Yin Yang Bowl Aqua

SKU 2510053
Weight 2.14 LBS
Height 1.75
Width 13.00
Depth 13.00

Yin & Yang described by Eastern Philosophers as two halves that together complete wholeness... Like this ancient symbol, a party consists of 2 key pieces – an amazing spread of food & drink and fabulous group of guests! Part of Julia Knight's Classic Collection, this shimmering signature Classic 13" Yin Yang Bowl is pretty and practical with timeless clean-line sophistication. Beautiful mosaic borders of hand cut inlaid Mother of Pearl tiles frame each piece - no two are alike. Perfect for serving chips and dip, veggies and salsa or multiple side dishes (who can ever pick just one?!). Mix and match with other pieces from the Classic Collection or layer in something from Peony, Floral or Florentine to set a truly remarkable table for any event – big or small! Free shipping on orders of $50 or more.