Tips for a Laid Back but Elegant Summer Brunch

School is winding down and summer activities are starting to develop.  A summer brunch is a great way to kick off the season by inviting a few friends over to enjoy each other's company while enjoying some great food.  We have provided some useful tips to help you present your summer brunch in a way that it is not only fun but elegant without all the fuss by using some of Julia Knight's serve ware collection pieces.

Julia Knight Collections

Summer is Synonymous with "Laid-Back"

Although many times we think of paper plates and red Solo cups when we think of summer entertainment, there are ways that you can provide a "laid-back" atmosphere without sacrificing style.   Julia Knight has several serve ware collections that are fun, reminds us of summer, but have all the sophistication and elegance you need to spruce up your table without any effort. 

The Pineapple Collection

Julia Knight's "Pineapple" Collection is a fun and bright collection of serving bowls and serving utensils that will brighten any summer brunch table.  You can serve pineapple or fruit in one of these beautiful collection pieces and create a gorgeous display that will be the envy of your guests.  Besides, who doesn't think of summer when they see pineapples? 

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The Flowers and Leaves Collection 

There is a lot to be said for having flowers adorn a dining table, bringing elegance in a simple way.   The Julia Knight "Flowers and Leaves" Collection has a myriad of gorgeous serve ware that will bring any summer brunch table to life without having to go to the flower market and buy fresh flowers.  This collection is bursting in color and brilliance.  Again, simple pieces, that provide elegance to your dining table without any effort.

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The By The Sea Collection

Summer is made for fun in the sun and at the beach.   Julia Knight's "By The Sea" Collection captivates the magic that being by the ocean on a bright sunny day can create.  Why not make it a beach theme summer brunch and transport all your guests to a fun seaside adventure?  There is nothing simpler than creating the atmosphere we want by presenting our food in beautiful serve ware.  Julia Knight really has captured this idea with this collection.

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To enhance your next summer brunch, shop the Julia Knight Collection of luxury serveware, barware, and home décor online at or contact us directly via chat, phone, or email.