Super Bowl Party Checklist

Julia Knight's Checklist For Hosting The Big Game

Hosting a Super Bowl party should be a pretty simple and almost effortless affair. There is no real pressure to create an extravagant event but the best hosts provide a memorable experience, plenty of food, and tasty beverages for their guests. Here is a simple checklist to help you prepare for the big game so you can enjoy the party as much as your guests:


Hors d'ouevres are a great idea but they most likely will get lost in the shuffle of beer and cheers. Instead, concentrate on providing copious amounts of  chips and dips served in a luxury bowl. Some buffalo wings are a nice accompaniment, as they can be made far in advance and then reheated as needed. Do not forget a little something for those with a sweet tooth if you want to be the "Hostess With The Mostess".

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These are the traditional go-to food for Super Bowl Sunday. Some good advice is to shy away from the messier ones like meatball heroes or you will be cleaning up for a week. Instead, opt for Italian heroes, chicken sliders and turkey clubs. Keep it simple, but classy, by presenting a party-sized sub sandwich on  a large luxury rectangular serving tray from Julia Knight. While, there will undoubtedly be crumbs all over the floor, you should be able to avoid any major stains on the furniture.  

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It is the Super Bowl after all; so most likely there will some alcohol involved at the party. Nevertheless, this fact does not mean that you need to let things get out of control. In other words, there is no need to overindulge. Stick to soft drinks and beer at the beginning and the occasional bottle of rum or vodka towards the end of the evening.  Pick up your game with the  Julia Knight Barware Collection.  Remember that you are somewhat responsible for your guests so keep an eye on their keys and make sire that your Uber account is active.

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Good company is of paramount importance at a Super Bowl party but presenting your guests with an attractive buffet should also be a significant goal. After all, we have all learned that most people, “feast with their eyes.” To this end,  augment your serveware collection with some distinctive flatware. In other words, do not simply settle for plastic forks and spoons.

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Super Bowl Sunday is not traditionally a hugely decorative event. Still, a few balloons and party favors can help people get in the mood. In addition, a small betting pool is an excellent way to keep everybody involved in the game even if they are really just looking forward to the half-time show.

Side Game / Numbers Board

Engage your guests throughout the entire party with a side game. A small betting pool is an excellent way to keep everybody involved in the game, even if they are really just looking forward to the half-time show.  With  a numbers board game such as Super Bowl Squares, guests can participate in pre-game fun and follow the excitement throughout each of the 4 quarters. Not interested in having your guests risk their money? Give away take-home party gifts to each of the winners.

Audio / Visual

Make sure your antenna, cable, or satellite box is working properly and that you will be able to receive the channel in your area that is broadcasting the Super Bowl. To get the best possible picture, you need at least  an HDTV. If you have a large group, keep in mind the size and number of screens so people can always have a complete view of all the action. Be sure to test your volume so that the party guests can carry a conversation while still hearing the game and all the Super Bowl commercials.

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